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Nawras Manpower Service, Inc. was conceived and organized by highly professional recruitment pioneers in 1994, together with professionally trained personnel in various phases of work in the recruitment, placement and deployment of Filipino overseas workers they worked for hand to hand in deploying Filipino Workers to the Middle East, Gulf Region and Asian Countries and Europe, Africa, Canada, UK provides discerning manpower recruitment services to corporate bodies, across all sectors and setups (big or small), for their manpower requirements.

We have been chosen by some of the most reputed names from different part of the glove for fulfilling the requirements of a perfect candidate.

Enjoyed the privilege of being listed in the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). Our company is one of the many PLACEMENT FIRMS in the industry to realize the vast potential and advantage of placing FILIPINOS in gainful employment overseas. The records similarly reflect that over the years, its reputation has always been exemplary. To maintain this prestige, year after year, Nawras Manpower Services, Inc. has exerted all efforts and has succeeded to enrich progressively the file of readily available applicants in various job categories.

We have a large data bank of competent candidates in various Fields that provide us an opportunity to evaluate from an appreciable database of resumes. As our candidates are constantly in touch with us, we are aware of their objectives, strengths, and caliber, which allows us to present the aptly suited candidate according to your specifications (in terms of competency, experience, remuneration etc). Also, this enables us to set up interviews at a short notice, irrespective of the distance involved and at the destination suitable to the client.

Nawras Manpower Services, Inc. assures Foreign Principals and Employers of qualified non-skilled, semi-skilled, skilled, and highly-skilled, to top-caliber Management personnel. The fact is there are always a hundred and one reasons to employ a Filipino Worker

Our highly qualified, efficient, and skilled HR professionals have been able to provide remarkably achievements to the candidates by recruiting them at the exact and the right places.

We ensure reasonable Casting for both the employer and the candidate. We also provide assistance in recruiting skilled people for entry-level positions in the higher Management.

Nawras Manpower Management, a highly acclaimed and pre-eminent recruitment services provider provides discerning manpower recruitment services to corporate bodies, across all sectors and setups (big or small), for their manpower requirements, especially in Gulf, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Canada, UK. We have been chosen by some of the most reputed names from all across the KSA, for fulfilling the requirement of a perfect candidate.

We work with our clients as partners and with our colleagues, as a team. Our advice and solutions are shaped by each client's unique needs and business context and are designed to ensure that get the best return on their investment. Using our deep local expertise.

Our mission and vision

To become one of the worlds best client focused overseas placement firm by

  1. Creating an evolving business model reflecting our client’s needs.
  2. Driving our model into continued development and enhancements of our information systems & quality process.
  3. Providing business solutions to our client’s through people.
  4. Assisting in the growth of our economy through dollar remittances of Overseas Filipino Workers.
  5. Ensuring the best research and candidate generation capabilities in the industry.
  6. Viewing managers as coaches who support the mission of the company and development of people.
  7. Promoting diversity.
  8. Encouraging values and ethics in all our relationships.
  9. Involving every one in the company mission.

Honesty and Integrity

  1. Commitment to the highest quality of work resulting in complete client satisfaction.
  2. Corporate and personal growth.
  3. Teamwork.
  4. Respect for the Individual.
  5. Learning.
  6. Balance of Life.
  7. Commitment.
  8. Service.

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